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Saxophonist and composer Gregory Dudzienski is Chicago’s most eloquent proponent of the mid-20th century jazz sound. His lean and elegant compositions, warm and soulful tone, and expressive playing mark his work that is rooted in tradition yet refreshingly modern. The seven originals on Beautiful Moments are no exception.

-Chicago Jazz Magazine

In 'Beautiful Moments', the newest disc from Chicago saxophonist Gregory Dudzienski, he leads a great local quartet (rounded out by Chris White on piano, Kelly Sill on bass and Jeff Stitely on drums), through a program of mellow and very well played originals.

-Paul Abella, WDCB Jazz 90.9

Gregory Dudzienski makes it far too easy to take him for granted. He plays laconic solos without unnecessary fuss or fluster. He commands a strong, confident timbre, and his spot-on intonation never bruises the ear. He links his ideas to technique with such efficiency and balance that he makes it all sound effortless: you don’t see the seams, you don’t hear the gears. But listen a little closer – to the shape of his improvisations, the nature of his compositions, the interplay of the rhythm section – and you realize that what you might “take for granted” contains plenty that you should not.

-Neil Tesser

Now and then you can enjoy a group that unpretentiously and without hesitation honors the golden Blue Note era. Tenor saxophonist Gregory Dudzienski does this on "Beautiful Moments" on the basis of seven of his own compositions...For fifty minutes, Dudzienski and his three companions allow all the basic elements of classical jazz to flow together in a natural way on "Beautiful Moments". The necessary references are not missing. For example, "Dexter's Laboratory" is a firm nod to Dexter Gordon (and not to the popular Cartoon Network animation series of the same name). The fiery "The Father" is a tribute to John Coltrane. Brazilian colors emerge in "Tom-ish," an unvarnished link to the legacy of Antonio Carlos Jobim, another figure from Dudzienski's hero pantheon.

-Jazz Halo Belgum

There are many Beautiful Moments on Chicago-based tenor saxophonist Gregory Dudzienski's second CD under his name, some of which enfold his warm-blooded tenor, others the spirited give-and-take with his blue-chip quartet whose other members are pianist Chris White, bassist Kelly Sill and drummer Jeff Stitely. Yes, Dudzienski is heavily influenced by the music of the 1950s and '60s, but some would argue that was a Golden Age for small-group jazz, with many of its renowned standard-bearers now enshrined in various jazz Halls of Fame. Dudzienski, who wrote all seven of the album's numbers, pays tribute to two of those masters—Dexter Gordon and John Coltrane—on "Dexter's Laboratory" and "The Father," and to a number of others on "Meeting Your Heroes." 

-All About Jazz

"I've known Gregory Dudzienski since 2013 when he first came to me for some lessons. Since then, it's been my great pleasure to hear his development as a saxophonist and composer. Greg is once of the hardest working students I know and this recording is evidence of his passion and dedication. To bring his beautiful compositions to life, he's put together an amazing group of musicians who sound like they've been playing together forever. I trust you will enjoy this recording as much as I do. Bravo, Greg!"

- Rick Margitza

 "A friend of mine use to say all the time 'Straight Ahead and Strive For Tone'.   Greg has a fantastic sound on the saxophone, playing with a great band that supports his vision. I hear all the heroes in his playing and the tradition alive and well."

- Jerry Bergonzi

Dudzienski's first album - "La Luna" was released in 2017.  HERE is a review from "The Saxophonist" magazine.

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