"Beautiful Moments" will be released on OA2 records on July 17, 2020.

"I've known Gregory Dudzienski since 2013 when he first came to me for some lessons. Since then, it's been my great pleasure to hear his development as a saxophonist and composer. Greg is once of the hardest working students I know and this recording is evidence of his passion and dedication. To bring his beautiful compositions to life, he's put together an amazing group of musicians who sound like they've been playing together forever. I trust you will enjoy this recording as much as I do. Bravo, Greg!"

- Rick Margitza

 "A friend of mine use to say all the time 'Straight Ahead and Strive For Tone'.   Greg has a fantastic sound on the saxophone, playing with a great band that supports his vision. I hear all the heroes in his playing and the tradition alive and well."

- Jerry Bergonzi

Dudzienski's first album - "La Luna" was released in 2017.  HERE is a review from "The Saxophonist" magazine.