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"Beautiful Moments" is Dudzienski's newest recording.  Released on OA2 Records in July of 2020 it features seven originals of Dudzienski with his current quartet.

It is available for preview and purchase HERE.

From Neil Tesser's liner notes:

"Gregory Dudzienski makes it far too easy to take him for granted. He plays laconic solos without unnecessary fuss or fluster. He commands a strong, confident timbre, and his spot-on intonation never bruises the ear. He links his ideas to technique with such efficiency and balance that he makes it all sound effortless: you don’t see the seams, you don’t hear the gears. But listen a little closer – to the shape of his improvisations, the nature of his compositions, the interplay of the rhythm section – and you realize that what you might “take for granted” contains plenty that you should not."

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