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January News...

Greetings Friends,

I hope everyone is well and moving into the new year with at least SOME optimism. Things here have been very quiet (the way I like it around the holidays), in fact today is my first day back in my studio since late December. The world is still moving slowly and that's ok.


So happy to be performing a live stream from The Fulton Street Collective on January 27. Chris White, Kelly Sill, Jeff Stitely, and I will be playing two sets of music from our recent album, "Beautiful Moments" as well as some brand new music. We'll be streaming at 8pm from FSC's You Tube page. Please mark your calendar and bookmark the site! Fulton Street Collective has been so supportive to Chicago artists during this time, we are so grateful! Also, I'm happy to say that WDCB Jazz 90.9FM will be the media sponsor. They too, have been amazing!

Other Projects

Performances are still rare and hard to come by, so I've been trying to do a lot more writing. I was so inspired by Rick Margitza's "365 Days of Practice" (check out his Instagram) that I thought I would try something similar. This week I'm starting "52 weeks of composition" as a way for me to make composition a daily practice. Once a week, I'll post some stuff I've been writing: pictures from my notebook, maybe some sound files, and if I ever learn Logic, maybe some scratch demos. Just a quick look of what I have been writing that week. I'm not expecting each week to yield a tune, but I hope that it gets me more engaged in the process. I'll be posting this stuff on my Instagram page, I'll do a monthly review in subsequent newsletters, and I'll post stuff to the new "Writings" section of my website.

That's it for today...I'm wishing all of us well and I can't wait to see you sometime soon in REAL LIFE!

Straight ahead and strive for tone,


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